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Social work & mental health

Ready to pursue a career in social or mental health care?

We provide support, framework and connections that enable rewarding careers for people in care.

If you’re looking for your next opportunity or are searching for skilled mental health or social work professionals to support your service, we can help.

We understand that social work and mental health can be as challenging as it is rewarding. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you feel safe, secure and supported at every stage of your placement. At Talent Quarter we have a network of trusted partners based across various locations in Australia. We carefully match you with opportunities that suit your unique skills, goals and work  experience. This means you get access to jobs where you can create real positive impact and enjoy all of the many benefits that come with work in the field.

When you work with Talent Quarter, you get more than just a placement. We’ll explore all of the amazing opportunities available to you, we’ll seek out jobs that align with your travel and career goals, and our expert team will negotiate all the details on your behalf.

We’ll help secure the type of placement you’re looking for –  locum, part-time, full-time and contract positions exist Australia-wide with a number of exciting rural and remote roles. We’ll also work to connect you with attractive benefits such as travel and accommodation expenses.

Social work and mental health roles within both public and private settings include social work, mental health, psychologists, case workers, counsellors, case managers, team leaders and child protection officers, to name just a few.

We offer a unique approach to hiring focussing on highly skilled, deeply caring  and reliable professionals. If you’re looking to expand your opportunities, career progression pathways are also available, with further role opportunities throughout our healthcare sector networks as an option for those with appropriate levels of qualifications and experience.

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We also have specialist experience in recruiting those hard to fit roles in both remote and city locations for clients that include:

  • Private Hospitals
  • Public Hospitals
  • Remote Area Clinics / Aboriginal Health Organisations
  • Aged Care Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • General Practices
Areas of social work and mental health specialism include:
Social work
Mental health
Case workers
Case managers
Team leaders
Child protection officers