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People who make a difference.
That’s the Talent Quarter difference.

Any healthcare recruitment company will tell you that their business is all about their people. But at Talent Quarter that’s no empty claim. We’ve built a business where everyone is empowered to be their best, to deliver better and make every experience count.

Our team

Making a positive experience begins with our own team who consult within their own fields of specialty, experience and passion. Whether that’s remote area nursing or disability care, medical admin, dentistry or general practice, this approach ensures an unrivalled understanding of every role and every client’s specific challenges and needs. Above all, it means we can recognise every candidate’s experience, ambition and potential.
Underlying our commitment to creating connections that make a positive impact are the values that guide the way we work each day. These values make every experience count and help our team to:

  • Be connected, forward thinking and transparent
  • Bring integrity and inspire others
  • Be their best and have fun.

Meet our leadership team

Sue Healy

Managing Director

Jan Bannerman

Managing Director

Kate Healy-Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Ynfante

General Manager I Eastern Region

Viloshni Vandeyer

General Manager I Social & Community Care

James Francis

Leader | Risk & Governance

Megan Bauskis

Head of Finance

Katarina Barabosva

Leader | Efficiency & Transformation

Gino Fasciani

Head of Client Solutions

Carolyn Dickins

Head of Learning & Development