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Social & Community Care

Creating opportunities for those who care.

We connect skilled, caring, compassionate professionals with roles that create  impact for communities.

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Freedom to explore, flexibility to choose

Our social care division works closely with a broad selection of social care  providers based throughout Australia. If you’re looking for your next position in care, we can help you find the role that’s right for you.

Keen to travel? We have a number of part time and permanent positions in social care located all across the country. For locum in particular, there are many benefits for you to enjoy, in many cases this can include travel and accommodation – which we negotiate entirely on your behalf. You chose how much and little you want to work

By tapping into the network and know-how of our dedicated team, you get direct access to the roles that suit you best, freedom to explore, flexibility to choose and support every step of the way.

So, you can explore new places, expand your career and deliver care to those who need it most, all with the security that comes with having a team by your side. We conduct all due diligence with every service provider we partner with so you can be sure your workplace is always safe and working conditions are of the highest standard.

We offer a unique approach to hiring, focussing on highly skilled, deeply caring and reliable professionals. If you’re looking to expand your opportunities, career progression pathways are also available, with further role opportunities throughout our healthcare sector networks as an option for those with appropriate levels of qualification and experience.

Want to know about career progression and pathways for further opportunities? Chat to our team.

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We also have specialist experience in recruiting those hard to fit roles in both remote and city locations for clients that include:

  • Private Hospitals
  • Public Hospital
  • Remote Area Clinics
  • Aboriginal Health Organisations (youth)
  • Community Orgs
  • Aged Care Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • General Practices
Areas of social and community care specialism include:
Disability Support Workers
Youth Workers